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Brazil - Europe Program
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IBE: Institute for Estudies Brazil Europe

The Institute for Studies Brazil Europe (IBE) was established in December 2010 and is sponsored by the European Union.

The outcome of an effort by a group of Brazilian and European universities, it was designed to invigorate Brazilian higher education by promoting the exchange of knowledge.

The aim of creating centers for relationship and support is to enhance cooperation and promote dialogue, teaching, research; involving the public in issues where the experience of society may add value and face the challenges posed by them is also an objective of the Institute.

The idea of transdisciplinarity forms the basis of and informs all its activities, which include the creation of post-graduate courses, the discussion of shared issues with a view to collaborative research, as well as a greater Exchange of information through discussion forums and the promotion of a relationship with the third sector and small businesses for the propagation and dissemination of projects.

Academic and social aspirations of all countries involved are approached and fostered in the various areas covered by the action of the Institute, in whatever region, promoting renewed paradigms and creating a legacy for future generations.