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Prof. Marcelo N.P. Carreño
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Cadastrado em 21/12/2013 às 11h34

Leader of GNMD, is graduet in Physics (1985) by the Institute of Physics of the University of São Paulo (USP) and PhD in Electrical Engineering - Microelectronics (1994) by Polytechnical School (EP) at the University of São Paulo (USP).  Currently is Associated Professor in the Electronic Systems Engineering Department at EP-USP, where conducts research in the development and applications on Microfluidic and "Lab on Chip" Systems, MEMS, BioSensors and integrated systems for Electronic Instrumentation. Also, founded and lead the Nucleous of Software Development (NDS) where develop research in scientific computing and technology of information.
     At this moment develop works related to:

  • Development of a microfluidic based Real Time PCR system,
  • Autonomous system for cell counting,
  • Telemetry systems for ballat water monitoring,
  • Micro and nano fabrication techniques for MEMS, MOEMS and nanodevices
  • Microelectronic process simulator based Cellular Automata (software "simMEMS"),
  • Fluid dinamic simulator based on Lattice Boltzmann Method  (software "LBSim"),

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