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Prof. Marco A. Chávez
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Cadastrado em 21/12/2013 às 11h34

Graduated in Electronic Engineering at the Antenor Orrego Private University, Perú (1993 ), is PhD (2000) in Electrical Engineering - Microelectronics (2000)  by Polytechnical School (EP) at the University of São Paulo (USP). Currently he is associate professor at the EP-USP and have experience in microelectronic systems and devices, with emphasis on silicon based optical and thermo optical devices and MOEMS,  working in the following themes : microelectronics and integrated optics, optical devices , MOEMS , PECVD and "sputtering" dielectric films.
   At this moment develop works related to:

  • Numerical simulation of optical devices and waveguides
  • Waveguide and interferential optical filters development,
  • Photonic cristals,

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